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We will register your company in Latvia without the usual hassle and prepare all the required paperwork that you just need to e-sign or certify (Apostille) at a Notary office.


In addition to that we will consult you about:


✅ Types of incorporation in Latvia and which one to choose for your company
✅ VAT number registration
✅ Taxes and how to optimize taxes for your company
✅ Opening a legitimate company bank account in Latvia
✅ Submitting paperwork online using a secure e-ID e-signature

We have saved entrepreneurs from all over the world hundreds of hours of time so that they could do business, not paperwork.

Time is your most precious resource.

Do not waste time on tricky paperwork and bureaucracy. We will register a company in Latvia with minimal effort for you.

Register online with a secure eID e-signature

Previously, entrepreneurs had to spend hours at long lines (and money) at the notary and bank, but now you can register a company online with e-signatures and open a bank account – without going anywhere.


Even if you are not a resident of Latvia, we will show you how to get and use secure eID e-signatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the corporate income tax rate in Latvia?

Starting from 2018, the corporate income tax rate in Latvia is 0%. Your company will not pay any tax on profit if it does not distribute dividends. Effective dividend tax is 20%.

A simple example:

€200’000 Revenue
– €150’000 Expenses

/ €50’000 Gross Profit, out of which:

€ 30’000 Reinvested (Left in the company)
€ 20’000 Paid to shareholders as Dividends

– €4’000 Income Tax (0% * €30’000 – 20% * €20’000)

Net Dividends to Shareholders: €16’000

What is the microenterprise tax regime in Latvia and should I use it?

You can choose to enter the microenterprise tax regime and pay a simple 15% tax on revenue (not profit) until €40’000 revenue a year. After paying the microenterprise tax, you are able to pay up to 5 employees of the company a salary until €720/month/employee without paying any additional taxes. You can pay more than €720/month with dividends, which are taxed separately.

Microenterprise tax regime is suggested if your company is selling services and forecasts an annual revenue of less than €40’000. Live chat with us or fill the Contact form if you have any additional questions about the microenterprise tax regime!

N. B. Microenterprise tax paying companies do not pay additional corporate income tax in Latvia.

What is the minimum amount of equity capital required for registering a company in Latvia?

The minimum amount of equity capital required is just €1 if you’re registering the company as a private person, or €2’800 if there’s a legal entity as the shareholder or you have already registered a company in Latvia with equity capital of less than €2800. Please take into account that the liability of the company is still €2’800 even if you’re registering a company in Latvia with less than €2’800 equity capital.

N. B. A successfully registered company in Latvia does not automatically grant you a working VISA in the Schengen. Conditions apply. Please Contact us to learn more.

How large are the State service fees in Latvia?

State service fees are €34.23 if you’re registering a company with less than €2800 equity capital, or €177.03 if you’re registering a company with €2800 (or more) equity capital.

How long does it take to register a company in Latvia?

If you are the only founder, it takes 1.5 working days to register a company in Latvia (1.5 working days after submitting all the necessary paperwork to the Register of Enterprises of Latvia).

If you are not the only founder, your company is up and running within 3.5 working days. The founders can choose the escalated process of company registration and have the company registered in Latvia within 1.5 working days by paying three times the normal State service fees.

Does my Latvian company need a VAT number from day one?

Not necessarily. You are obliged to register a VAT number in Latvia if your company’s revenue is more than €40’000 in a 12 month period or if you’re selling services to legal entities that have a foreign VAT number.

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Registration online with e-signature
One Time Payment
All registration fees are INCLUDED.
No meetings necessary. Get all documents delivered to your email.
Necessary paperwork filed
State registration fees included in the price
Guide to set up a secure ID e-signature
Supports all .asice, .edoc and .pdf secure e-signatures
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Registration in person at a notary office in Riga
One Time Payment
All registration and notary fees are INCLUDED. For each additional founder add €35.
We will coordinate a notary office visit in Riga and go together with you.
Necessary paperwork filed
State registration fees included in the price
Notary office meeting in Riga and notary fees included
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12-month legal address contract: add €300. Not necessary if you already have a legal address permission secured.

VAT number registration: add €150. Required for sales of international services, sales of international goods above €10’000/12 months or above all sales above €40’000/12 months.

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