Origins of Foreign Investment in Latvia in 2017 [Infographic]

Origins of foreign investment in Latvia world map

Did you know that six legal entities were registered in Latvia every working day on average in 2017 with foreign investors as shareholders? Neither did we! In this article, you’ll learn about origins of foreign investment in Latvia in 2017.

With just 2 months left on the calendar, 8’307 new legal entities have already been established in 2017 in Latvia. A mere 1’353 of the new legal antities (16%) had foreign investors as shareholders from more than 72 countries. Not bad for a country with just 2 million inhabitants!

View the interactive bar chart that shows the foreign investment in Latvia.

The number of foreign investors of established legal entities in Latvia in 2017, sorted by the country of origin:


The breakdown of legal forms registered by foreign investors in Latvia in 2017:


A closer look at the 1’353 legal entities established in 2017 reveals that 1’123 (83%) legal entities are established solely by foreign investors, whereas 230 (17%) legal entities have a Latvian co-founder as well.

Thanks to Lursoft (databases of enterprises) for sharing the data.

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